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Coonor 双金属线杯纺车轮10000+9000 11+1 4.7:1 金属脚座渔轮

COONOR AFL10000 + 9000 11 + 1BB Big Metal Fishing Spinning Reel with Double Wire Cup

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  • 上架时间:10/17/2017
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product information

As a solid performer on the professional tournament trail, it is perfect for the weekend angler that knows how to target big fish. This big spinning reel provides worry-free fishing when it's all on the line. It is fortified with two metal main shaft and components and equipped with 11 + 1 ball bearings, on / off anti-reverse. All of these make it more competitive among the spinning fishing reels.

- 11 + 1 pieces of ball bearing, gear ratio up to 4.7:1
- Two full metal wire cups, one main AFL10000 wire cup and another AFL9000 wire cup
- Left and right hand exchangeable and foldable metal CNC handle, comfortable and practical
- Full metal spool, instant anti-reverse system, with big size, strong enough to catch big fishes
- Ultra-thin streamline designed body, very beautiful and lightweight
- Metal guiding rod strengthened the precision of winding displacement system
- With the dual axis system, be able to reduce the resistance to increasing the winding speed
- Anti-reverse switch is able to positive and negative control fishing vessels, easy and quick to use
- Suitable for all universal type fishing rods like river fishing rod, sea fishing rod, stream fishing rod