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Vention High Density Nylon Weave Male to Male 1.4V HDMI Cable

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  • 上架时间:04/07/2016
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product information

Main Features:
- Connector type: HDMI male to male, support HDMI V1.4 version, 1080P high-definition digital format of ethernet
- High pure oxygen free copper, standard 19 core wire conductor
- Foil shielding, conductor twisted-pair impedance matching multilayer anti-interference material
- Application: Mainly used in computer with HDMI interface, for BD blu-ray machine, digital TV, plasma TV, LCD TV, amplifier, projector, camera, DV camera, TV set-top boxes, AV processor, game consoles, DVD player ,etc
- Full 24k gold-plated, multi-layer shielding structure, high density nylon net, strong flexibility